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Atwood Memorial Trail

Together with the support of the Atwood Lions, The Bald Family has begun the process of creating The Atwood Memorial Trail.

We celebrated our first annual Atwood Memorial Trail Service this spring. The community came together to celebrate the grand opening of the Atwood Memorial Trail, and to honour members of the community who we have lost this past year.

It is our hope that this trail will be a physical reminder of the impact your loved one has had in this community. We hope that you will find comfort knowing that their legacy continues and will not be forgotten.

This service will be held annually on the Second Sunday in June

Our next memorial tree ceremony will be held on Sunday June 9th, 2024 @ 2PM

Your attendance and support for one another illustrates how grief shared is halved, and joy shared is doubled.

IMG-20230625-WA0005 (1).jpg


Our goal is to create unique spaces along the trail that offer a bench to sit on, a newly planted tree, and a quiet, tranquil space to reflect, and remember your loved one.


The spaces will be located just off the trail enhancing the beauty that is already there, and in no way interfering with the path that already exist.

This trail is utilized by many snowmobilers during the winter months, and has many uses in spring, summer and fall months as well, so it is important to us that we create natural areas to sit and take in its beauty that are off the current path. 

These nature nooks will include a bench, a tree and other elements to memorialize each year moving forward. 


Special thank you to the Atwood Lions for your continued support with the trail and to Rob & Leanne Hamilton of Hamilton Wood Products for providing us with the sign, and bench at the site. 
Thank you to the Community of North Perth for allowing us to be witness to the unwavering support that you all provide to this wonderful community.

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